How play videos on Raspberry Pi – OMXPlayer

OMX player is a command line player which can be controlled via Android app or over SSH.

OMX player can play all common files including .avi, .mp4 and mkv without any extra codec with subtitle.

Raspberry Pi OMX Player

Raspberry Pi OMX Player

Installing OMX Player

Download and install player from source

Note: OMXPlayer will not play MPEG-2 files, you need purchase licence to play. 

Get Android App

Raspberry Pi Remote Control Google Play link

Open and connect as shown below


In path give /media (Any USB attached to it will be listed here). You can browse like file browser. Even to root. just select the file and click play.

Limitations:  This app works sometime choppy but works well with Play/Stop. If doen’t respond just wait for some time and use again. Keep in mind you are playing on card size machine not on high end desktop.

Control RaspberryPi / OMXPlayer via SSH

SSH should be enabled on raspi but if not you can enable it by following.

Run: sudo raspi-config


Advance –> SSH and enable it.


For more info about raspi-config and other configuration, see this tutorial.

Now, on your computer, open terminal Emulator (On Mac/Linux you already have it).

For windows download small software for Terminal Emulator,  PuTTy , and open it.



(In host name or ip address, I already given <userName>@<ip> , So I don’t have to give username again. it will only asks for password in next step.)

Provide your password in next step, and you will land on home of pi in command prompt version. Here you can run any command which will be executed on Raspi directly.

Now just browse to your media file and run


Here are some more OMXPlayer commands


Play via SSH and feel like a pro.

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  1. I’ve tried running directly from my ssh terminal, but I only get a blank screen and no audio. If I hit left and right arrow keys, it shows the timestanps on the screen (but still with no audio) and if I hit space it crashes.

    omxplayer works fine from the cli with a keyboard hooked up to the pi, but I’d prefer to be able to ssh in and execute videos.

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