Monthly Archives: January 2014

Welcome to your next tutorial in the C language,  today, we’ll discuss about operators in the C language. We have already discussed about Variables in C language, and how we can store data in variables input by user, next we may need to update this data , or make various operations on the variables to… Read Article →

GRUB Customizer is the application with graphical interface to configure GRUB2/BURG settings, visuals & menu-entries. Features: – supports GRUB2 & BURG – rename, remove & move the menu-entries – Installation of bootloader to MBR – settings like default distro, Kernel params, BG image, text colors etc. to customize the look of GRUB2/BURG   You can… Read Article →

Just like JQuery, CSS also offer a great way to filter out elements with selectors using Regular Expressions. Selecting on  Attribute and value [att=str] :- attribute value is exactly matching to str [att*=str] :-  attribute value contains str – value can contain str anywhere either in middle or at end. [att^=str] :- attribute value starting with str… Read Article →

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